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Pet rabbit care tips
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Pet Rabbit Care Tips

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Everyone knows that Rabbits are the cutest and nice pets in the world. If you are thinking to bring a Rabbit to your home, you must have some idea or know some tips to take care of your rabbit. Some people think that taking care of rabbits is so easy like hamsters but it’s wrong. Taking care of a pet rabbit is not less easy as a dog. You must take care of your newborn bunny, and pregnant rabbit.

how to care for a bunny at home
Image by pereslavtseva on Freepik

How to take care of a rabbit at your home?

Although Rabbits are small in size, they need some specific needs to be healthy and happy. Here we are going to present some pet rabbit care tips and guides:

01. Choose the right Rabbit

There are a lot of breeds of rabbits in the world. Such as American rabbit, Netherland dwarf, Lionshead, or lop-eared rabbits. At first,  you have to understand your choice and buy them from a rabbit shop or a pet shop.

02. Handling

Rabbits are prey animals and if they feel insecure, they ran away instantly. When anyone picks them up, they feel that they are fallen into a trap. If your play with them regularly, you shouldn’t pick them up.

In order to pick them up, it is the best way to place one hand on their bottom and another hand on their chest. Hold them against your chest.

03. Suitable house

how to care for a house rabbit
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It is normally seen most pet stores try to try to sell small-size cages for rabbits which are made for guinea pigs. Some people buy giant rabbits which are not suitable for these cages. If pet rabbits spend the whole day sitting in a tiny cage, they can’t be happy. So, it will be a wise decision to buy a cage from a rabbit pet store or bunny pet store. So, before buying a cage, you must consider the size and health of your rabbits.

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You should avoid buying cages not suitable for your rabbits:

  • A small size cage.
  • A cage that has wire on its bottom.
  • A cage made of painted or toxic wood.

04. Provide the best litter for rabbits in the litter box

Rabbits like to poop in a specific area. You can buy a cat litter box and set up it as a rabbit litter box close to their hay feeder or food bowls.

Place a recycled newspaper at the bottom of the litter box and place it under the hay feeder because rabbits like to poop during taking meals.

Change the litter once a week.

05. Keep consulting with a Rabbit vet

how to care for a bunny indoors
Image by prostooleh on Freepik

Your pet rabbit’s health should be your first priority. The biology of rabbits is not the same as dogs or cats. So, you should find out a veterinarian who is specialized in rabbits. You can find out the rabbit vet list on here.

You should take your rabbit to the veterinarians regularly and follow their instructions.

06. Vaccination

Our world is full of germs and parasites which can cause more fatal diseases. In order to protect your rabbits from these fatal diseases, you must take your rabbits regularly to a veterinarian for the vaccination process. This vaccination can protect your rabbit from myxomatosis or haemorrhagic disease.

07. Rabbit teeth care

08. Neutering

You should neuter or spay your rabbits in order to stop unwanted breeding. This process will also make them healthy, reduce frightening attitudes, and improve the habit of using the litter box.

09. Right food

how to care for a pet rabbit

A healthy diet is also important for your pet rabbits. Rabbit’s digestive system is so sensitive. One of the main reasons for their illness and death is their gut problem.

  • Hay

Providing grass hay is so important for a rabbit. Timothy hay is best for them because it is rough and good for rabbits’ teeth and digestion system.

Most of the pet stores have bags of timothy hay. You can add in other grass hay like orchard, or meadow for adding some variety.

  • Vegetables

Fresh green vegetables can add not only variety and flavor to your rabbit’s diet, but also give their required nutrients. You must give at least one-five cups of fresh vegetables daily based on their size.

Most vegetables are found in a grocery shop or you can grow them in your own garden. But, all types of vegetables are not suitable for them.

You can provide them in large amounts:

o             Bok choy

o             Carrot tops

o             Lettuce

o             Mint

o             Basil

o             Arugula

o             Cilantro

o             Turnip

o             Watercress

o             Dandelion

o             Dill

You can provide them in smaller amounts:

o             Chard

o             Spinach

o             Parsley

o             Mustard

o             Beet

You should avoid:

o             Onion

o             Iceberg lettuce


  • Pellets

Although pellets are not necessary for your rabbit, they have a lot of nutritional value. You should provide them in a small amount. If you provide your rabbits with a large number of pellets, your rabbits will be obese.

10. Freshwater

11. Socialize your rabbit

Rabbits are social animals and if you left them alone all day, they feel lonely.  You can sit beside them for forming a bond and your rabbits will realize your love for them.

12. Bunny grooming

Rabbits are clean in nature. They go through shedding cycles many times per year. You should brush your rabbits for removing excess fur. You can buy all rabbit accessories from a rabbit pet shop. You should also cut out rabbits’ nails with a nail clipper which can be found in a rabbit pet store.

13. Enrichment toys for your Rabbit

Rabbits are intelligent in nature and you should give them some toys for keeping their mind active. Rabbits’ teeth grow continuously that which can cause health problems. If you don’t give them anything to chew on, their teeth may grow so much that they can be unable to eat.

You can buy rabbit toys from a bunny accessories shop or pet shop. You can also buy toys from the online shop.

14. Keep dangerous objects out of your house Rabbit’s reach

Rabbits are curious about everything. Your house may have some dangerous objects which are not safe for them. So, you must keep dangerous things {wwire, human food, chemicals, detergent, medicines, pesticides, and toxic house plants, etc.) out of their reach.

how to keep a rabbit healthy
Image by Freepik

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do cats eat rabbits?


  • Do foxes eat rabbits?


  • Do rabbits eat dandelions?

Yes, but you shouldn’t give them every day.

  • Do rabbits eat lavender?

Yes. It is safe for your rabbit and you can give them every day.

  • Do rabbits eat mice?


  • Do rabbits eat sunflowers?

Yes. Sunflowers are safe for your bunnies.

  • Do rabbits eat tomatoes?

Yes. Tomatoes are safe for your bunnies.

  • Do snakes eat rabbits?

Yes. Some snakes eat warm-blooded animals like rabbits, mice, etc.

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