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harmful foods for pet rabbits
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Harmful foods for rabbits to avoid

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Rabbits are renowned as voracious eaters. So, it’s essential to manage a steady supply of food. They don’t have the same food requirements as other pet animals. So, to become responsible rabbit owners, we must have proper knowledge of which foods are safe and which foods are unsafe. So, before adopting a rabbit, we must have proper knowledge on what are the most dangerous foods for rabbits.


What are the most harmful foods for rabbits?


In spite of being herbivores, rabbits can’t eat all types of greens, fruits, or vegetables. Their dietary requirements are unique. Treats might cause them to have severe health issues.

List of harmful foods for rabbits


  1. Chocolate

Chocolate is toxic not only for rabbits but also for others. The people who eat these items do so with pleasure. Chocolate is full of theobromine and caffeine which are harmful and toxic for every pet. Some people wanna treat their domesticated animals with dark chocolate. This dark chocolate isn’t safe for them. Your rabbits may suffer from some problems like restlessness, diarrhea, trembling, squirming, or panting.


  1. Onions and Garlic

Although rabbits are fond of vegetables, some veggies like onion, and garlic aren’t safe for them. They are the members of allium family which can make your pet rabbits sick. You shouldn’t be anxious about these foods because rabbits don’t like the smell of onions and garlic and don’t like to eat these.

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  1. Avocado

Although avocado is healthy, and excellent food for humans, it’s not good for any domesticated animals like rabbits. There is a substance named persin is found in the pit, skin, flesh, and leaves of avocados. Persin is toxic to rabbits’ health. If your rabbit digests this, it can suffer from breathing and heart problems. Gradually it can be fatal.



  1. Iceberg Lettuce

There are various types of dark lettuce like romaine and green leaves. You can add these lettuces to rabbits’ diet. However, iceberg lettuces are bad for them since they contain a compound called lactucarium. If your rabbits digest it in large amounts, this will be harmful to them. This food item hasn’t any nutritional value. So, avoiding this is an intelligent idea.



  1. Cabbage

Rabbits like to take all types of cabbage like cavolo nero and savoy. These cabbages are safe for your bunnies. But don’t let them take in a large amount because these can cause gas and bloating. As rabbits can’t fart, the gas will continue increasing. This gas will make your rabbits uncomfortable.



  1. Rhubarb

If your rabbits digest small quantities of rhubarb, it will not be toxic for them. If you feed them in a large quantity, your rabbits will face calcium absorption which will lead to some toxic effects. Your rabbits may suffer from diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, and a painful mouth. Your rabbit’s appetite may be decreased.



  1. Potatoes

Although rabbits can digest raw potatoes, they should eat cooked or raw potatoes at any cost. There is a compound named solanine in green potatoes, which makes green potatoes deadly. In potatoes, one may also find carbohydrates. Raw or cooked potatoes are not safe for them. So, don’t let them to eat this food.

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  1. Tomato

Both tomato plants and leaves are toxic for rabbits. If your bunny takes a lot of fruits that contain sugar, tomato fruits can be harmful to them. Because tomato fruits contain a lot of sugar.



  1. Nuts

Rabbit’s diet should contain fiber, carbohydrates, a small amount of protein, and little fat. As nuts are so fatty, these can cause disruption of the digestive system of your favorite rabbits. It can also be fatal or harmful to the bunny’s health.



  1. Seeds

Before offering fruits to your favorite bunny, please remove all seeds. The flesh of fruits is safe, but seeds are harmful. Most of the fruits’ seeds contain trace amounts of cyanide. Although fruit seeds contain a little cyanide, it is best to avoid feeding seeds to your bunny.



  1. Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, etc. aren’t safe for rabbits. An acid named lactose is found in dairy products. Rabbits can’t burn it because they don’t have enough lactase enzymes. So, they can’t process dairy products. These foods can cause abdominal problems. Your rabbits may suffer from severe gastric trouble, bloating, and even enterotoxemia.



  1. Sugary Treats

Sugary foods like cookies, cake, biscuits, crackers, etc. are the most harmful foods for rabbits. These foods are also unsafe for humans. These foods can trigger enterotoxemia in rabbits. Enterotoxemia is one kind of diarrhea that can often be fatal for them.



  1. Oatmeal

Although oatmeal won’t cause major problems for your rabbits, it isn’t ideal food for a rabbit. Oatmeal isn’t a nutritious diet. You can provide them with a large amount of hearty greens, timothy hay, and fresh water.

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  1. Caffeinated Drinks

Coffee, tea, and chocolate all possess the stimulant caffeine. It isn’t recommended for rabbits because the digestive system of rabbits is sensitive. The central nervous system may be impacted by caffeine. It can also blood pressure which can be fatal for your rabbits.



It is very important to ensure the safety and wellness of your pet rabbits. By understanding the risks of feeding toxic food items, you can keep your favorite bunnies away from harmful foods for rabbits. If your rabbits ingest any toxic food, you must consult with a veterinarian. By providing nutritious and suitable foods, you can make your rabbits’ life healthy and happy.





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