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10 most popular pet bird species in the world
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10 Most Popular Pet Bird Species In The World

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People generally get a pet that is very loud or worse and is hard to handle. If you don’t want to face this situation, you should spread your knowledge about the different bird breeds. You’ll never have any regrets about your judgment.

Although Princeton University said that there are 9,700 species of bird in the world, The American Museum of Natural History said that there are around 18,000 species of birds all over the world.
In order to make it easier for you to choose the perfect match,

1. Parakeet

most famous birds
Image by frans van heerden in pexels

The Parakeet is at the top of the list of the most popular pet bird breeds in the world for many reasons. This bird is also known as Budgies or Budgerigars. These birds are tiny parrot types with long tail feathers. You can find them in various colors such as: white, violet, gray, blue, and yellow. The light green bird with an attractive black wing mark and the yellow head is one of the most popular pet birds in the world.
These birds have become popular for their friendly nature and mind-blowing feathers. These birds’ intelligence makes them impressive because you can train them to talk and complete some tricks. Moreover, this bird’s maintenance cost is very low.
A parakeet is the best option for you, If you want to buy a bird with a low noise level, pretty feathers, and playfulness.

2. Cockatiels

pet bird species
Image by jiří mikoláš in pexels

The Cockatiel is in second position on the most popular pet birds list. It is medium in size and has an individual yellow crown. This bird is of Australian origin that can sing well and give a nice whistle. Although it can speak, many owners become disturbed by their odd whistle-like telephone ringing sound. Cockatiels are lovely birds for families and they have smart personalities. They are also simple to handle. 

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They always respond to their owners and give them companionship with conversation and singing.


3. Canaries

different types of pet birds
Image by rodrigo chaves in Pexels

Canaries are the renowned singer. People, who want a bird that is good at singing, can buy this bird. This bird sits at the third position of the top 10 most popular pet birds in the world. They are elated members of the songbird (passerine) family. At the age of six months, male canaries are famous for their beautiful songs. They can produce different sounds like the American singer, the German roller, and so on.

Sometimes they are so territorial, and if it is possible they should be kept separately. Spring is their breeding season, and at that time males sing for females. They are available in yellow, green, bright orange, or brown colors.

4. Lovebirds

Image by anil sharma in Pexels

The tiny Lovebirds sit at the fourth position of the 10 most popular bird species in the world. These birds are known for their name, individuality, and talent. Sometimes, these birds try to dominate by aggression, but they are famous for their ability to develop a close relationship with their owners and partners. If you don’t have any responsibility for meeting your social demands, you can buy and keep a pair of lovebirds that will give you a good companion. 

Although they are easy to handle than larger parrots, they are not as easy as doves or parakeets.
These birds are not ideal for bird keepers who have children.

They are available in green colors with orange upper body and head, light blue lower back and tail, red beak, and white eye rings.

5. Dove

Best pet bird names in the world
Image by garfield-besa in Pexels

Doves are one of the sweetest and gentlest birds in Africa. Doves are most demanding for their owners because they don’t need much care. This characteristic makes them so popular with people who are busy and can’t remain at home. They are suitable for those who have children and know the need for gentle handling. They need a large case because of their mentality. Sometimes, they attempt to bite, but it is not normal.

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Doves are social also. They love company and they love interacting with humans out of the cage. They also can play with mirrors and swings.

Generally, Doves are white and gray, tangerine, and orange versions are also available. They have black eyes and black-purple feet.

6. African Grey

ten most popular pet birds
Image by magda-ehlers in Pexels

Although African Grey is in sixth place, it is considered the most intelligent bird in the world. Because of their power of earning human word, they are called the Einstein of the Bird species. They have the ability to bond strongly with their master and learn positive attitude and behavior. An African Grey has extraordinary grey feathers and a red hint on its tail. African Grey birds are not only colorful but also can paint your life with their intelligence and friendship. 

So, African Grey is the best option for everyone who wants a brilliant bird with a sweet persona.

Generally, they don’t like to share their case with other birds. They do well as solo birds in a house so that they can get enough attention from their master. they also like to steal bites of their curator’s food.

7. Finches

Image by frans-van-heerden in Pexels

Finches are also considered one of the most popular bird species in the world because of their gentle, quiet, and friendly nature and glamorous-looking and patterns. These beautiful birds are available in many patterns and colors. Owl finches look like owls, Gluldian finches have rainbow colors, and Zebra finches have white and black stripes. 

They look so beautiful that people who are satisfied with looking at birds rather than handling them. 

They are also known as song birds because they can frequently make short and peeping sounds. 

They are also suitable for those who don’t like noise.

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8. Parrotlet

top 10 most popular pet birds
Image by frans van heerden in Pexels

Parrotlets are also known as “pocket parrots” that possess the charm and wit of large Parrots. Generally, they are green and splash of blue color on their backs. Although they have narrow size, they can be trained for doing various tasks, like stepping onto their master’s finger, turning around, and waving. 

These birds have immense and fascinating personas. In spite of being territorial, they are simple to manage. 

If they are not supervised, they may be hostile and can try to dominate other birds which result in fighting during feeding.

9. Conures

Image by rutpratheep-nilpechr in pexels

Conures are in the top 10 most popular birds list for their various virtues. It is the loudest bird of all small birds. Although they sound like squawk, they are curious and very active. 

They are social and love to go out and like to be around people. They are great pets for those who don’t mind loud sounds and their continuous movement. 

They can speak only a few words, but love to imitate their masters’ behavior. They like to dance and hide in cloth or in other objects. 

Based on their species, conures can be in lovely colors, mixed with red, yellow, green, blue, and orange.

10. Hyacinth macaw

pet bird species
Image by mohammed-suhail

we are going to end the ten most popular pet birds list with the most beautiful Hyacinth macaw. They love to receive love and affection from their owners. They like to form strong bonds and relationships with their masters because they are friendly and cuddly in nature. 

They are big in size, so they need large space. They need an especial diet consisting of palm nuts. So, if you want to bring them into your house, you must provide them with that food. 

If you provide them with a lot of toys and branches, these will be so beneficial.

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