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Vet Visit Cost For A Cat

Vet visit cost for a cat

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It is not so easy or free to take care of a cat. You must provide them with love, protection, discipline, and proper food. You must take them to a veterinarian regularly to ensure strong health throughout their whole life. You may have an idea of their basic needs, but the vet visit cost is not stable.

Here you will get an idea of the average vet visit cost for your cat.

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The importance of regular vet visits

If you want your cats’ long and happy life, you should take them to the vet regularly. Regular vet visits will help to find out all types of diseases early and take proper steps for recovering.

As your cats become older, they will start becoming the victims of various illnesses. So, a vet visit is quite important for your old cats.

After all, regular vet visits will make it easier to find out your cat’s health problem. If it so happens that your cat becomes sick but it wasn’t been examined before, the treatment for this cat will be much more difficult. A routine check-up means that your cat is being examined by a professional veterinarian and he/she will take immediate steps after catching any diseases.

How often should I take my cat to the vet?

You should take your cats and kittens to a veterinarian per year for a physical checkup and the required vaccine. You must take your kitten to the veterinarian’s chamber per month until it gets all required vaccines. Your kitten must be spayed or neutered at the age of half a year.  It is easy to treat fleas and deworming at home. When your cat becomes seven years old, your veterinarian may suggest you to go his/her chamber twice a year for your cat’s physical check-up. The health condition of a senior cat may change rapidly. So, you must take them to the veterinarian after a short break.

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How Much Do Vet Visits Cost?

The exact cost of a vet visit cannot be explained because it depends on different situations such as the reason for the visit, quality of tests, and duration. It also depends on your living area and animal type.

A basic check-up consists of an oral interview when a vet will ask some questions about your cat’s eating and drinking habit, exercise habits, litter box habits and overall behavior.

After completing the oral question period, your vet will start the physical check-up and try to find out unseen injuries. Your veterinarian will also check your cat’s activeness, condition of coat, teeth, ear, nose, and eye cloudiness. 

Standard Vet Procedures in the US by Region


West Coast


East Coast

Office Visit




Rabies Shot




Professional Teeth Cleaning




Neuter package (6+ months)




Neuter package (less than 6 months)




Spay package (6+ months)




Spay package (less than 6 months)




Price Source: click here

Additional Costs

Tooth Extractions

Your cat’s teeth may need teeth extraction because of crowding, fractures, or an unusual bite. Depending on the type of extraction, medication, and tools, the cost of your cat’s teeth extraction is from $250 to $1,000 

Geriatric Screening

If your cats are over the age of seven, your cat should get geriatric screenings regularly. Depending on the service you choose, every geriatric vet check up cost from $75 to $200.

Allergy Treatments

Your veterinarian must test to find out the reason for your cat’s allergy. If the cause is explored, the veterinarian will be able to give proper medicine. This treatment may cost $300 to $1,000 depending on the area.

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If your cat spends time outdoors, your cat may be infected with worms. Various types of worms like roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms are found in cats’ bodies. At first, your vet will do a fecal test to find out the type of worms. This treatment may cost up to $30 to $80. The medication cost for this problem wouldn’t exceed $25.

Eye Surgery

All types of eye surgeries are too expensive. Eye surgery may cost from $1,400 to $3,000.

Vet visit cost for a cat
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Does Pet Insurance Cover the Vet Visit Cost for your Cats?

If you want to get rid of high medical bills for your cat, you must manage pet insurance for your cat. Pet insurance may cost from $25 to $35 monthly. Many people consider it as wastage of money, but it’s not true. If you need to hospitalize your cat, you will be glad that you won’t have to pay for it. Sometimes it is seen that some pet owners cannot pay for the treatment of their pets.

If you have insurance, you will have to file a case with your company online and inform them about vet visits, injuries, and costs. The insurance company will contact your vet and complete the payment.

Final Thoughts

Every pet is valuable to its owners. Cats are so sweet and one of the most known pets all over the world. As a pet owner, you must take care of your cat so that you don’t need to take them to the veterinarian. And if it so happens that your cat requires emergency treatment, you shouldn’t avoid this. If you have any financial problems, you must have insurance for the protection of your cat.

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