• Best pet bird names
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    Best pet bird names in the world

    It is a serious work of keeping a perfect name for pets like pet bird, dog, cat or others. You can hold a vote among your family members to select your new bird’s name. Their name might survive for years or decades. If you feel uneasy about selecting the proper name of your pet bird easily, you can follow some rules or read out our whole article on unique pet bird names in the world. As a new pet owner, picking a perfect name for a companion is one of the most exciting and challenging tasks.  Pet bird names vary depending on their own traits, personality, and characteristics. Their name…

  • toxic plants for pets toxic plants for pets with pictures list of toxic plants for pets toxic house plants for pets harmful plants for pets what plants are dangerous to pets

    Harmful plants for pets

    Harmful plants for pets We should recognize that all plants aren’t pet-friendly. In this article, we will explore the list of harmful plants for pets. Harmful plants for pets (cats) These plants are toxic and harmful to cats: Yew (bush) Winter, or false Jerusalem, cherry True Ivy Tiger Lily Sago Palm Rubber plants Philodendron Oleander Mums Mistletoe Lily of the Valley Lily (true lilies) Larkspur Hydrangeas Hyacinth Holly Geranium Foxglove Indoor forced-blooming plants like narcissus (Paper Whites) Elephant’s ears (Caladium) Easter Lily Dumb cane (Dieffenbachia) Daylily Daffodil Cyclamens Common or cherry laurel Christmas Rose/Lenten Rose Catnip (Catnip is popular among cats but can make them throw up and have diarrhea.)…