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Unsafe foods for bearded dragons

unsafe foods for bearded dragons

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List of unsafe foods for bearded dragons

It is a good idea to make a store-house of various types of food items in your house. But do you have any idea on what not to feed bearded dragons and what to feed them. in this article we going to inform you of the List of unsafe foods for bearded dragons and which foods are toxic for them.

Some food items are hard to digest and harmful. These can make your favorite pet sick. So, don’t forget to identify and avoid these foods.

If you wanna keep your bearded dragon healthy and happy, the ratio of calcium and phosphorus should be 2:1. Don’t feed those foods that are high in phosphorus.

Avoid those foods which are high in oxalates and microorganisms. Because oxalates obstacle in absorbing calcium.

Now we are going to provide a list of foods to avoid feeding bearded dragons and unsafe foods for bearded dragons.


List of foods what not to feed bearded dragons or Never feed these foods


bearded dragon wont eat

Fireflies and Glowworms

Fireflies or glowworms are not only toxic for bearded dragons but also unsafe for other reptiles. So, don’t feed your bearded dragons lightning bugs for an easy treat. These fireflies can kill your favorite pet. If you allow your reptiles, don’t allow them to eat any fireflies or other wild insects.

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Ladybugs are deadly as well as toxic. The bearded dragons are fond of red color. Don’t feed them or let them eat these insects.

Poisonous/ venomous Bugs (scorpions, spiders)

You should avoid feeding them Poisonous or venomous Bugs such as scorpions, spiders, centipedes, or bees. These insects have the ability to injure your reptiles by biting or stinging. If it so happens that your bearded dragons ingest them, they will also ingest the venom. This venom can make your pet sick or dead.


Dead insects

The nutritional value of dead bugs is low because the moisture content of the bugs falls swiftly. Insects may die of various diseases or parasites. Bacteria and other pests attack the dead body. If your pets eat these dead insects, these pests can harm your bearded dragon.



These Fruits, Greens, and other foods are not to be fed to bearded dragons.

what can bearded dragons not eat


Don’t feed your bearded dragon avocados because they are high in oxalic acid. Oxalic acid can be fatal for your bearded dragons. If you feed them a small amount of it, they will be ill. But if you feed them in a large amount, they may even die.


Bran, wheat

Bran and wheat are high in fiber and phosphorous. So, don’t feed them.



Don’t feed rhubarb to your bearded dragon because it is very toxic for your favorite pets. If your bearded dragon accidentally eats rhubarb, you must give them water quickly and contact a veterinarian to discuss it.

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Fruits/flowers covered in chemicals

Some farmers spray pesticides and insecticides in their gardens. So, don’t feed your bearded dragon any items from those gardens. Because chemicals are harmful not only for bearded dragons but also for all animals.


Certain Mushrooms

All types of mushrooms aren’t safe for bearded dragons. Some of them are dangerous and toxic as well. If you let your bearded dragons go out of the house, don’t let them eat these poisonous or toxic mushrooms.


Acidic Fruits

Don’t feed your bearded dragon some fruits like pineapples, oranges, limes, lemons, tangerines, and grapefruits. Although these fruits are rich in Vitamin C, they are acidic too. These fruits can cause some digestive problems.


Dairy Products

Bearded dragons can’t digest dairy products because they don’t have enzymes. If you feed them these items, your bearded dragons will suffer from abdominal problems.


These food items are still being tested and are not totally safe

Beef (ground low-fat)

Serving much beef to bearded dragons is not good. Because its phosphorous and protein levels are high. A small amount can be okay, but a high amount is not safe.


Bread (white)

Bread can be used while feeding medicine. If not, don’t feed them any bread.


Eggplant (raw)

Eggplants are excessively acidic not only for bearded dragons but also for all reptiles. So, it’s wise not to feed them this unsafe vegetable.


Garlic and onion

Onion and garlic are used for adding flavor to various food dishes. These are toxic and not safe for your bearded dragons. So, don’t provide them with these vegetables.

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Iceberg Lettuce

Lettuce has no nutritional benefit. This can cause digestive problems for your bearded dragons. Your favorite pet also can suffer from diarrhea. You can provide them with this food only for emergencies.


Insects captured from the wild

Feeding wild insects is not a wise idea. It can help you to save money, but not good for your pets’ health. Insects, in the wild, can carry insecticides and parasites and these parasites can attack your favorite pet.


Serve Beet greens, yellow corn, parsley, or Raspberries to your bearded dragons in small amounts. Beet contains chemicals that can cause metabolic bone disease. Yellow corn has phosphorus and some oxalates. Oxalates, vitamins A and C, and all are present in parsley. Raspberries contain some oxalates. You can feed them per month.

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