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The world’s most popular pets

The world's most popular pets

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Although we consider all domestic animals as a pet, it is clear that there are more species to choose from as animals for the home. In this article, we are going to discover the most popular pets in the world in 2023.

Most popular pets in the world 2023

Pets are part and parcel of our society. People who can walk prefer dogs, on the other hand, many of them like cats more because of their cuddly and less restless. There are some people who love the company of birds, fish, or even a lizard. It is clear that they are part of many people’s lives, even being treated as their family members.
In the world, it is rare to find a home without a pet. In the United States, almost 70% of households have at least one pet. Since people are becoming more and more aware of the advantages of having an animal as a companion at the home, adopting, buying, or raising pets are increasingly becoming common practices.

Below, we will discuss the most popular pets around the world.

01. Dog

The dog occupies the first position which is called the best friend of man. Canis lupus familiarise is the scientific name of the Dog. There are about 470 million specimens all over the world.
It is a mammal and belongs to the doggy family. About 15,000 years ago, people began to domesticate dogs.
Dogs were divided into up to 343 breeds of sizes, shapes, and colors by using artificial selection.
Generally, dogs are sociable, friendly, devoted, loving, and intelligent animals. They are known as perfect pets not only for their faithfulness but also for their activeness, which forces us to take them out for a walk and play with them.

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02. Cat

Cats are second to Dogs. They are the classic idea of a pet. The scientific name of cat is Felis silvestris catus. Cats are seen all over the world. The cat is also a carnivorous and mammal animal. The average lifetime of a cat is 12 years, although there are some breeds that have up to 20 years of lifetime. In a day they spend 12 to 16 hours sleeping but they are sociable, funny, and playful. They aren’t as faithful as dogs. If you catch them wrong, they will scratch you without any reason. However, they are actually quiet and calm animals. The people who want tranquility cats are ideal to them.

03. Fish

Freshwater fish are the third most common animal on the planet and the fourth most common pet. People use them not only to get company but also to decorate their houses as like birds.
Goldfish (Carassius auratus), is the most popular species. About 1,000 years ago the goldfish was first domesticated in China. If the water is changed frequently, is well fed, and is not made to be accompanied by other animals that can attack them, this animal can live for a long time. Their lifetime is about 30 years although some species can live up to 43 years.
Nearly 12% of all American households have at least one fish. Their aquariums are so nice and easy to maintain.

04. Bird

Birds (Aves), especially canaries and parrots are very popular and common. It is believed that about 4,000 years ago birds were first domesticated to use them for the purpose of hunting.
People keep them in cases in their houses for their beauty and song. Depending on the species, the case may be big or small. Although people keep them in case, we should think that they are birds, they need to fly in the sky. Birds can live for dozens of years depending on their species.
About 2.8% of American households have birds as pets.

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05. Hamster

Hamsters are a subfamily of rodents (Cricetinae). They are of Middle East origin and were first found in Syria. They are one of the most favorite pets in the world. They are 8-18 cm in length and 30-180 grams weigh. Their lifetime is 1-3 years. They are a favorite of housemasters because they are small in size and rarely get sick. About 887 out of 1000 households in America have hamsters as pets.

06. Mice and Rats

Although mice and rats are small, they are also in top 10 list


After humans, Mice and Rats are the most widespread animal on the planet. They were first domesticated in china. During the Qing dynasty, they were kept in palaces. They are 15-19 cm tall with tails, weighing 12-40 grams, and generally eat seeds, small plants, and insects.
Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) is the most common domestic species of rat. If they are well-fed and dewormed, they don’t pose any risk to human beings. Throughout the last century, they were used as a subject for animal experiments.

07. Guinea pig

The guinea pig (Cavia porcellus) is a too comfortable pet for keeping. It generally lives 4-8 years and is 20-40 cm long, weighing about 1 kg. It is believed that about 5 million guinea pigs as pets all over the world.
Guinea pigs are so cute but less popular than Hamsters. Most young pet owners very often struggle to choose between these two pets. People love them because they are small, easy to care and act.

Although guinea pigs are used for medical research.

08. Iguana


Iguana has been gaining more popularity in recent decades. It is a lizard. Although it is so exotic, has got the attention of common people. It is native to Central Africa, South America, and the Caribbean.
They are very popular for their quietness and not for giving too many problems. Iguanas are calm and quite lazy. If they are cared, they can live up to 20 years.
Although they enjoy the sun lying on a log, they don’t touch their nose. Generally, they are so calm but adults can reach 1.8 meters. With their tails, they can hit us. Although adults have a powerful bite, they won’t tear our skin but they will hurt us.

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09. Snake

Snakes have become the most popular animals among people who have a lot of money. They can be small, large, brightly colored, and so on.
If anyone wants to acquire a snake as a pet, they must be careful. They belong to reptiles. Before buying a snake, everyone must read the documents about the species of snake. Although pet snakes are harmless for an adult, they can be dangerous for babies.

10. Ferret

ferrets became extremely demanded animals

Mustela putorius is the scientific name of the Ferret. It was first domesticated about 2,500 years ago for hunting rabbits. These animals’ normal weigh 0.7 to 2.5 kg and measure about 38 cm long. During the reign of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (1840-1901), Ferrets began to become popular pets. Over time, ferrets became extremely demanded animals and nowadays they are highly demanded animals in the United States. They are so popular for their cat-dog-type nature. They sleep as much as cats, but they are playful and sociable like dogs. Although they are a little bit unstable, one can control them easily.

Before buying a pet we must consider that an animal is a living being, not a toy or something. We cannot get rid of it when we are tired. If we acquire it to keep us company, we must be conscious that it will claim a lot of care and responsibility. For that reason, we must choose the most appropriate animal for our situation.

When we talk about pets, we all think of only cats and dogs, but the truth is that we find different types of animals in the market. Various types of animals need different care.

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