CARE MY PET Small Pets Basic Hamster Care Tips For A Happy Hammy

Basic Hamster Care Tips For A Happy Hammy

Basic hamster care tips

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Hamster care guide

Although hamsters are cute, they require care and affection. If you already have a hamster at home and want to know how to care for hamster pets at home, our hamster care tips are here to help you.  On the other hand, if you are going to buy a hamster for the first time, we will provide you with a hamster care guide for beginners.



Proper hamster care tips for beginners and experienced hamster owners.


01. Diet

Commercial diets like pellets, or blocks that contains about 16% protein are liked by hamsters. You can try oxbow or Kaytee, which are also good for them. You can consult with a veterinarian on the caloric needs of your hamster. But it is said that most hamsters need 1/8 to 1/3 cups of pellets in a day.

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Some people provide their hamsters with seeds as their main food. But a seed-based diet is not suitable for them all the time. Seed-based diets can be used as a supplement to pellets. These foods will lead to obesity and don’t provide enough nutrients.

You can give them some fruits and vegetables as a supplement. You can’t use these foods as the main food. Hamsters like these fruits and vegetables:

•          Peas

•          Apples

•          Cucumbers

•          Greens

•          Pepper

•          Seeds

•          Raisins

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•          Carrots

If you want to change your hamster’s food habits, this may result in diarrhea, which can be severe and also result in your hamster’s death. So, it is a good idea to introduce a new item of food slowly.

02. House

Hamster cage care is also important.

a. Size

You should provide at least 150 square inches size solid floor space for your hamster. It is the best idea to provide a big space than usual. Hamsters are known as escape artists. So, an escape-proof home is ideal for them. In order to prevent the buildup of odor from excrement and spoiled meals, a well-ventilated house is a must for them. If you keep them in a group, they can fight each other and cause a great deal of damage.


b. Bedding

Grass hay and yesterday’s newspaper are good for their bedding. You can also use plain white toilet paper or paper towels for a temporary purpose. It is not safe to use cedar or pine scrape because these may cause bad effects on your hamsters’ skin and cause mucous membranes. The bedding should be deep enough to allow your hamster to dig and you must change it 1 or 2 times per week. They want quiet areas to sleep in. So, manage it.


c. Dish and bowl

Food and water bowls are important for hamsters. You should offer food and water in their food and water dishes which are made for them. After buying a cage, your second duty is to buy food and water bowls for your hamsters. It is very important to change water and food daily.

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03. Enrichment

You can’t complete your hamster care program without providing them with toys. They use toys for chewing, hiding, exploring, and climbing. You can also use cardboard boxes with holes cut out, paper towel rolls, hideaways, and paper bags. Manage exercise wheels with solid running surfaces so that they can’t get injured.

In order to keep their teeth healthy, you can give them blocks or sticks for chewing specially designed for hamsters.


04. Temperature

The temperature of your hamster’s cage should be between 65 to 80 degrees F and humidity should be around 40% to 70%. If the temperature is below 40 degrees F, your hamster will feel hibernation.


05. Medical Needs for keeping hamsters

In order to maintain your hamster’s health, take your hamster’ to a veterinarian. After a thorough exam,

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The veterinarian will record your hamster’s weight. The veterinarian will also check for dental disease, trim nails, and review their diet.

Like other prey species, hamsters try to hide their illness until it progresses. A healthy hamster always looks alert and has bright eyes. They also have clean and shiny coats. Their nails and teeth size will be normal. You should call a veterinarian for immediate treatments if you notice any problems like inactivity, breathing problem, sneezing, change in behavior, decreased appetite, or any other sign.


06. Cleaning

You should clean the food bowl and water sipper regularly and should provide fresh and clean instruments daily. You should also clean the hamster cage weekly. If you don’t do this, your hamster will face a skin or eye infection and also face respiratory tract.

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In order to sanitize effectively you can use Diluted bleach but after cleaning the cage you should make sure that the cage is dry before introducing it to the hamster in order to prevent respiratory and skin nuisance.

Brush your hamsters’ coats and trim their nails regularly. If their nails look abnormal, contact your vet.

Hamsters don’t require bathing because they can keep themselves clean.


07. Handle with care

Hamsters should be picked up in a gentle way. Most people believe that hamsters are aggressive in nature. But if you handle them with care from an early age, they will remain quite friendly. After adopting a new one, you should be careful because you are unknown of its personality. A new hamster can be aggressive to you or bite you.

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08. Grooming

Grooming is the best way to take care of a hamster and keep it healthy and happy. A healthy hamster has the ability to keep itself neat and clean. If you notice that your hamsters are not grooming or cleaning themselves, you can visit a vet for his advice.


09. Exercise

Hamster needs exercise because hamster loves cardio. An exercise wheel and a large space are important for keeping your hamsters healthy and happy. If your hamsters are known to you, you can handle them with two hands. Let them crawl on you. You can also provide them with toys which can be a great source of their entertainment.

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